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With us you will find the small French moped car for everyone from 15 years of age. Aixam offers a wide range of models and options that make it possible to design each moped based on desire and need. With the latest technology, layout and choice of materials, the feeling of quality and playfulness is given in a compact format.

Safety and comfort are top prioritiesfor Aixam mopeds. They are designed and manufactured with high-tech materials to ensure their quality. Exclusive to Aixam is that all models haveanti-lock ABS brakeswhich prevents the wheels from locking completely during heavy braking and givesbetter road holding regardless of the weather.

There are two engine choices,combustion engine or 100% electric. Regardless of engine choice, Aixam is currently the leading moped car manufacturerminimal climate impactand that the mopeds are almost completely recyclable, which means that the Aixam moped is a climate-smart alternative.

Aixam presents its moped cars infour different series with several models and options. It is for your securityalways 2 year warrantyon parts and work regardless of kilometres.


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